29th November, 2016
Pes ...
In the past days we celebrated the 14th anniversary of their establishment and in the last days they mentioned that they had fought in a new liberation struggle in the 90th year of our Republic and this struggle was carried on 5 fronts (Social, Economic, Military etc) Okay, the situation we are in is quite difficult, Or am I correcting this situation did not bring you here? You have seen the real face of the leader of the known terrorist organization that you sat in the knee that you had wailed at the time you walked together for a long time in a long time. '' I have seen the real face of Lakin now. '' KPSS also copied and entered the public. "Fetö threatened the businessmen and said" If you do not do any help here, they say you did not, did not you threaten the same things with the media, did not you let the people in with sledgehammers, shoeboxes, tapes?

It is a poet or poet; A flag is waiting for the wind to fluctuate. I have found atif on those who are 15th July night. '' There are 248 martyrs, 2193 there are casualties, we are in trouble. This nation lies in front of the panzer for the home, economy and even for the continuation of your power, what you did, I have to say. When you saw that things were going well, you quit the place and brought the nation to the galley, gaza. You did not stand like a man.

'' Our Lord is dead to those who give their lives in the way are not dead but you can not see '' You made the way of politics Allah said ..



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