Great Ideas from the municipalities!
                                                                                                      Dec 9, 2016


Pink buses, which were supposed to be applied in Şanlıurfa and now in Malatya, can solve this situation. 2 days ago in Manisa you will be able to do pink parks for the attacking woman because you are doing sports in the park, pink cafes, pink tea gardens and seas are not pink sea blue sea is not anything .. can you make every place pink while violence can come from everywhere ..

The mentality that thinks that the pink bus can not meet any situation during the road is going to be the pink house when the woman goes home. We read every day, the women who are violent by her husband .. Malatya women should oppose this practice which discriminates positively and apply where necessary. This practice is a situation in which all the males in Malatya will be declared 'perverted'. Not only the women but also the men have to oppose this practice. I do not think that a man would want to put himself into this situation.
If you ask me, we are not the pink buses we need, but the education level is raised, but it does not seem possible in our country so we have to weigh down the laws.


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