It should not be so easy;

November 22, 2016
It should not be so easy;
   To confess that T.C. The government is totally poison .. Why do I say that the economy is breaking records but I do not think these records are good for Turkey for us, our economy is good for our economy, the crisis is called at the door, I wish it was wrong .. Something that would have to be shut down in such a way that our busy agenda is busy Before the rape and the rapist after the abuse is the subject of the question, what are you talking about, masters! Would this be no joke? As the Millette makes fun of it ..

   15-year-old girls are being raped, harassed, is this a freaking issue? Today, the murderers on the streets are denied family blame .. some have been opposed to the circles, the sound of the law has been withdrawn .. But I am still not comfortable in this perverse mentality quite a party b party no.

   Come to yourself, do your politics Do not reach out for the values ​​of the people who live for honor and honor in this life !!


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